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The Baseball Drinking Game That’s Better Than Baseball

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Baseball: The Drinking Game

Lucky for you, this game won’t last 4 hours and charge you $14 for a beer.


  • Fourteen solo cups
  • Minimum 4 people (2 per team)
  • A table
  • Ping pong balls

Set up:

baseball set up

The four cups on the end of the table are equivalent to the following:

  • Front cup (filled 1/4 with beer)= Single
  • Second cup (filled 1/2)= Double
  • Third cup (filled 3/4)= Triple
  • Fourth cup (full)= Home Run

The three cups on the side are bases and they should be filled the same way except there is no home plate.


The gameplay is very similar to actual baseball. After teams are picked, you should determine the home/away team by shooting eye-to-eye. Whichever team hits the eye-to-eye can choose if they want to shoot first (away team) or shoot last (home team).

At Bat:

Like baseball, there are nine innings. Three strikes makes an out, three outs ends the inning.

Strikes are given when a batter misses a shot that touches a cup or the table and is not caught. Catches will be explained later. Here is an example of a strike:


If the ball was caught, this would be an out. Because the ball hit the cup, then the ground, it’s only a strike. Catches must be made with your “glove hand.” Your glove hand is determined by which hand you’d normally wear a baseball glove on. No using your body to make a catch.

An out can also happen if you miss the table and cup completely:


If you hit a cup, say a single, then you move to that base:


When a cup is made, the opposing team drinks that cup (taking turns who drinks) and then refills it.

Scoring is just like normal baseball. For example, if a runner is on first and the batter hits a triple, a run is scored and there’s now a runner on third.


When a player is on base and all the defenders are set (cups are filled, players are ready, etc.) then the runner can choose to steal. This basically turns into a flip cup game between the runner and any defender.


In the example above, the runner won, so they move to second base. If the defender won, the runner would be called out.

The game continues for 9 innings.

Stay Weird & Play Ball

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