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Drunk Jenga Rules & Other Drunk Board Games That Will Ruin Friendships

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Family game night just grew up, made some bad decisions, and developed a drinking problem. These drinking board games will take your nights of yelling at your friends over landing on Boardwalk to a whole new level. And that is basically just a roundabout way of saying you’ll still get into friendship ending fights, except you’ll also be drunk.

Drunk Jenga, the Monopoly Drinking Game, and Drunk Uno are the quickest way for you to feel nostalgic and intoxicated at the same time, which is why we’re giving you this list of drinking board game rules.

Drunk Jenga:

Drunk Jenga Cover Photo

Easily the most up-front work out of these games, Drunk Jenga’s rules could get you way more or way less drunk depending on how you make the blocks. That’s right kids, you make all of the the rules to this game. So put your thinking caps on and tuck your big boy shirt in, cuz this game can get real weird, real fast.


  • Fresh Jenga Set
  • Sharpies
  • Beer


Drunk Jenga Rules
  • When it comes down to it the rules are what you make them.
  • Get a blank Jenga set, fresh assortment of sharpies and scribble down a rule for each Jenga block.
  • When a Jenga block is pulled, the individual must do whatever the block says.
  • If you don’t do the action on the block you either finish your drink or take a shot.
  • Once you’ve completed the action you place your brick back on top of the tower.
  • If you topple the tower you finish your drink.
Drunk Jenga Knocking Over Tower

Block Examples:

Drunk Jenga Block Examples
  • Take 2 drinks
  • Cigar (this block becomes your fake cigar for the rest of the game)
  • Do favorite sex position with a chair (clothed or unclothed depending on your preference)
  • Call your mom
  • Reverse direction
  • …etc. 5 ideas is enough


  • If you make creepy blocks that make everyone uncomfortable this game will immediately feel less like fun and more like exhibit A.

Uno Drinking Game

Uno Drinking Game Rules

If you’ve ever played Uno as an adult against a child, then you know the feeling of absolutely crushing someone’s hopes and dreams with a single +4 wild card. True euphoria. This game will make you feel like that, except on top of drawing cards they’ll have to drink too (the people you’re playing against….not the child).


  • Fresh deck of Uno cards
  • Beer


Drunk Uno +4
  • Standard game rules of Uno apply
  • Every time a wild card is played everyone drinks.
  • If you play a +4 wildcard, you can assign an additional 4 drinks to anyone
  • Anytime someone has to draw a card they must also take one drink for every card drawn
  • If someone is next to play and misses their turn because of a skip or reverse, that person takes a drink
  • If someone has one card left and does not call “uno” before someone else says “uno”, then that person must finish their drink, draw 7 cards, and remember the good times before everything went wrong in their life.
Uno Drinking Game Calling Uno


  • Everyone knows someone named Matt. Collude with your teammates to get Matt really fucked up. He deserves it.

Monopoly Drinking Game

Monopoly Drinking Game Rules

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you lovely people. This game will probably end friendships, marriages, guardianships, and may even result in hospital trips. The Monopoly Drinking Game™, is a one way Reading Railroad ticket to Sloppy Mess City (it’s actually a town, but city sounded better).


  • Fresh Monopoly Set
  • Beer
  • Patience
  • An Extra Cup (in the center of the board)


Monopoly Money Shower Drinking ules
  • If you roll doubles give the number of drinks on the combined dice (i.e. two fours = eight drinks).
  • Give one drink when you pass GO, and give three drinks if you land on GO.
  • Take a drink if you land on someone else’s property and take three drinks if they have a monopoly.
  • If you land on Electric Co. or Water Works you’re the engineer. You must pick someone else playing the game and any time you have to drink they have to be your arms and hold the drink up to your mouth for you until someone else lands on one of those spots.
  • Take one social drink (everyone drinks) if you land on Community Chest or Chance
  • Finish your drink if you have to mortgage a property.
  • If you land on a railroad you’re now the conductor. You can yell “all aboard” any time you want (once) and the last person to respond “choo choo” must take 4 drinks.
  • Drink once when you go to jail, and once again every turn you remain in jail.
  • If you land on Just Visiting while someone else is in jail you are now the warden. Do a waterfall with whoever is in jail, meaning you both start drinking and they can’t stop drinking until you do.
  • Whenever you owe money to be put in the community pot, place your money in the pot and pour some of your drink into the “community cup”, whoever lands on Free Parking get the pleasure of collecting all the money from the center and the displeasure of chugging the community cup.
Monopoly Rules With Alcohol


  • The best strategy in Monopoly is to create a housing crisis. Buy as many properties as possible early in the game, and trade dues for property early, then build as many houses as possible and never build hotels, when you run out of housing pieces watch as all of your opponents panic at the realization that they can no longer build anything.

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