16 Most Popular Drinking Games Power Ranked

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We didn’t want to make this blog, but our research showed that 160,000 people a month search “How to play beer pong?” Yeah, it made us cringe too. Being the nice people we are, we felt obligated to create the largest, most comprehensive drinking game guide on the non-dark web. You’re welcome.

16. Beer Pong

Beer pong gif

Beer pong is like losing your virginity, you always remember your first, but it’s definitely not your best. The only time you see beer pong played at parties is

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15. Drunk Jenga

Remixing board games is the easiest way to get plastered, and drunk Jenga is one of those games that usually ends with someone snorting a line of ibuprofen or something. You make the rules, so in the words of Jimmy MacElroy, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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14. TV/Movie Games

Getting drunk and watching TV is a normal Sunday night for most. To rationalize mild-alcoholism, TV and movie drinking games were invented, but the only one that matters is Game of Thrones. Combine life’s guilty pleasures…violence, sex, and booze, for a good ol’ time.

Movies here. TV here.

13. Quarters

Looking to destroy your mom’s northern maple dining table? This is your game. You’ll spend 75% of the time smashing quarters on a table, 20% losing said quarters and 5% drinking. If you’re too broke to toss $20’s in da club, quarters lets you toss change in a dive bar.

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12. Video Games

Mixing coordination-based activities with coordination-altering beverages is a match made in heaven. Any video game can be a drinking game, but Beerio Kart takes the cake. If you think rainbow road is hard to navigate sober, try cruisin’ through it with a nifty .12 BAC.

11. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever gif

A drunken spin on the classic elementary school game, Never Have I Ever is the best way to learn way more about your friends than you need to.

Never have I ever friendship gif

The game is simple… If you’re cool and do things, you get to drink. If you grew up with helicopter parents, enjoy your sobriety.

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10. Power Hour

power hour gif

It’s an hour of power. If you’ve ever partied in an awkward setting, you’ve probably played this game. Don’t want to talk to people and love 90s playlists? This game’s for you. When the song changes, take a shot of beer. You’ll be drinking at least 5 beers in 60 minutes, or as my mom calls it, alcoholism.

Playlists Here

9. Cheers To The Governor

Cheers to The Governor involves a lot more than cheersing with the squad. If I named every rule, I’d be here all night. Simply put, this game is going to f**k with your mind and someone is going to be pissed.

8. Stump

If you’re craving a game that could cause physical harm to yourself and/or others, then look no further. Stump involves throwing a real hammer in the air and drinking a ton of booze, what a combo. You’ll quickly see who’s father never taught them how to use a hammer.

7. Edward 40 Hands

Easily the simplest game on this list. Based on the classic Johnny Depp movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Edward 40 Hands consists of a couple Colt 45’s, zero access to your zipper, and the will to survive. Duct tape a 40 to each hand, crack the seals and get to drinking.

6. Flip Cup

flip cup gif

Flip Cup involves a metric fugg-ton of people and with that comes immense pressure. To make sure you’re not jeered by both your teammates, opponents, and probably your mother, here’s a lil’ pro tip. Practice for 5 minutes. Relax. Visualize the action. Actualize the vision. You should be landing your flip on the first try, every time.

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5. King’s Cup

King's cup gif

One of our favorites, this game involves drinking, remembering, and yelling. King’s Cup has arguably the most contentious rule sets for any drinking game. Everyone’s got a different way to play, but one rule is universal. If you crack the middle beer, you drink it then and there. Period.

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4. Beer Die 

Beer Die is great because diving catches are frickin’ sweet. So if you want to impress a lady friend, this is your time. Women love a guy who tries really hard at drinking games, so make sure to really put in an effort. If you’re not sweating, she probably won’t be into you.

3. Rage Cage

The fastest paced drinking game, Rage Cage consists of 90% yelling with drinking sprinkled in. Landing the final cup will bring shame to your ancestors, so make sure you dial in your skills. The game requires keen speed and accuracy like a real sport for degenerates.

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2. Baseball 

If you want to play 6 different games mashed into one, then this drinking game is your jam. It’s called Baseball, but we promise it’s much more entertaining than America’s past time. Forewarning: if you don’t do well with rules, dizzy bat might be more your speed.

1. The Great American Challenge

The greatest feats of physical ability for humankind have nothing to do with scoring points in games with arbitrary rules. Heating a Hot Pocket evenly, finishing one week of a diet without bragging, taking the perfect no wipe dump. It’s about the ability to conquer the elements themselves. That’s why this challenge is #1 on the list, as the single best example of man’s ability to triumph over mother nature. Beer, pizza, weed, puzzles, winner take all, what more could you ask for?

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