Outdoor Drinking Games

Outdoor Drinking Game Rules You’ve Never Not Heard Of

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Outdoor Drinking Games

Throwing up outside is liberating. You’re not confined to a toilet or trash can… you just avoid your shoes and let loose. Here are a few outdoor drinking games that are guaranteed to make the great outdoors great again.


What a classic. Here are the official rules sited by the most recent Encyclopedia Britannica.


  • 8 bags, 4 for each team. Must be filled with organically produced corn kernels from Indiana
  • 2 boards, 27 feet apart
  • 4 people, 2 teams (teammates stand opposite sides)
  • Beer or whatever alcohol floats your boat


  • Rock, paper, scissors is a pretty standard way to determine which team throws first. After that, the team that scored more points in the last round goes first.
  • The players alternate throwing until all the bags are on one side. At that point, add up the score for that round.
  • The goal is to earn more points than your opponent (see below for scoring)
  • Game is played to 21


Pretty much the only rule is that you can’t cross the front of the board when throwing.

These aren’t necessarily rules, but if you throw like this…

Or this…

… then your parents probably love you, but don’t respect you.

Note: That overhand shot dropped right in, hence the complete and utter surprise on Gracie’s face.


  • Three points for sinking a bag in the hole
  • One point for landing a bag on the board
  • Cornhole uses net scoring i.e. the blue team in the image below gained two points during the round. Although they scored five points, the red team’s three points are subtracted.

Ending the Game

  • In order to win, a team must have exactly 21 points
  • If you go over 21, you go back to 15 or 18 (depending on how long you want to play)


A great game to see who’s athletic.


  • A frisbee
  • Two ski poles (36 feet apart or whatever you want really, I don’t care)
  • Beer (cans or bottles)
  • Four players


  • Place a target on top of pole aka the beer in the gif below
  • Try to hit your opponents pole or target to score points
  • One throw per team. Alternate throwers. Each player must stay behind their pole at all times.


  • Four points are possible with every throw… the above gif shows a four pointer
  • Hitting the pole: one point
  • If the target hits the ground: two points
  • If the frisbee hits the ground (unless it’s uncatchable): one point
  • The gif below shows a one pointer because both the target and frisbee were caught
  • First team to 15 wins


If you’re in the mood for a game that could cause physical harm to yourself and/or others, then look no further. Stump involves throwing a real hammer in the air and drinking a ton of booze, what a combo. The game is simple. Flip a hammer, hit a nail. You’ll quickly see who’s father never taught them how to use a hammer.


  • One 16 oz. hammer- 16 oz. or GTFO
  • One box of #16 nails aka 16 penny
  • 1-2 fingers that you don’t care about
  • An alcoholic bevy
  • A stump that doesn’t suck (grass-fed free range organic stump)

Set Up

Each player starts by taking their nail and embedding it into the stump until the nail is sturdy. This is the first real test. If you watch carefully, you can see whose father never taught them how to use a hammer.


  • Once everyone has identified their nail to the group, the game begins. One by one, the players take turns nailing each others’ nails. This requires a 360 degree flip (gnar) of the hammer, then – in a fluid motion – a strike down on an opponents’ nail. You cannot re-cock the hammer, so usually you’ll be hitting the nail closest to where you catch the hammer. Basically, be an athlete. Don’t suck.
  • If your nail is hit, you drink. If you drop the hammer, you drink. Once your nail is fully embedded in the stump, you lose. Finish your drink and call your mother to apologize for shaming the family.
  • Last nail standing wins.

Stay Weird & Drink Outside

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