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200+ Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Questions For Degenerates

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Never Have I Ever, a.k.a. “hey Kevin, thanks for letting me know that you’ve never done intravenous drugs more than 3 times” is a game where friends become family, and families shouldn’t actually play together.

Even though playing usually means one person always takes answers way too far, one person has never done anything, and one person makes it their goal to reveal everyone else’s secrets…this game is actually kind of fun.

Sexy Never Have I Ever Question

We bugged a psychiatrist’s office for the best never have I evers and realized that our stories were still better, so we went out and made our own list.


Never Have I Ever Materials
  • Beer
  • Fingers
  • Stories
  • Trust


  • In a circle with your closest friends, each friend takes turns saying a “never have i ever”…something that they’ve never done. If you’ve done it, you drink. If you say something that no one has done, then you have to drink. Complicated ruleset, I know.
  • If there’s a TV/movie reference everyone drinks, if you don’t get the reference then you have to finish your drink.
How To Play Never Have I Ever
  • If you want to play for points you can also start with 10 fingers up and put a finger down every time you’ve done something someone said. The winner is the first one with all their fingers down, and has lived a much fuller life than the rest of the Jabronis in the circle.


  • It’s a medium drunk, kind of like Thanksgiving dinner in any suburban home in the country. Depending on your drink of choice, this can be strictly roasting your friends or drinking an entire rack of bud light.

The Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions
  1. made out with someone in my office
  2. tried to shake a blind man’s hand in a public setting
  3. set someones hair on fire
  4. killed an animal with my bare hands
  5. faked my own death to get out of going to a birthday party
  6. been kicked in the bum
  7. had a “dry dream”
  8. gotten lost at sea
  9. stuck my tongue in a wasps nest on accident
  10. collected all 150 Pokemon
  11. eaten a Taco Bell $5 box without feeling shame
  12. gone to the local playground just to have a little look-see
  13. stolen a dog so you can have the satisfaction of returning it and saving the day
  14. sniffed Post Malone
  15. proposed to someone as a joke
  16. woken up on the roof of a Jimmy Johns
  17. been to a nude beach
  18. eaten a carton of eggs in one sitting
  19. milked an animal other than a cow
  20. face-timed a B-list celebrity
  21. done the ice bucket challenge, regardless of how many times I was “nominated”
  22. hid a hickey with a brand new face tattoo
  23. conned an unsuspecting teen into washing my car by convincing them I am an experienced martial arts teacher
  24. witnessed a live childbirth
  25. let a friend tattoo my body
  26. crushed on a fictional character in a serious way
  27. considered auditioning for the Bachelor/Bachelorette because it would be easier than working my current 9-5 job
  28. had a gold tooth
  29. lost an entire day because I got absorbed into the world wide web
  30. zipped up my winkie in my jeans
  31. had more than 2 nipples
  32. seen a ghost
  33. given a friend/relative a Brazilian wax
  34. used the word “savage” unironically
  35. been punched in the face
  36. eaten human meat
  37. thrown the first pitch at a baseball game or gone streaking
  38. found my best friend Doug, or given him a best friend hug
  39. yelled at a homeless man
  40. gotten the approval of my father
  41. understood what my mom was talking about
  42. saw someone driving a Mitsubishi eclipse and not called them a douche
  43. been a middle aged, short haired, white woman and not asked to see the manager
  44. manually taxidermied a flamingo in order to use it for tiki parties
  45. docked
  46. jumped out of a plane with or without a parachute
  47. pretended I liked horror movies to impress a crush and ended up emotionally scarred
  48. helped my uncle, jack, off a horse
  49. helped my uncle jack off a horse
  50. ‍had an existential crisis due to the fleeting light of the human life

Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions
  1. ‍called someone the wrong name while hooking up with them
  2. illegally paid for sex
  3. engaged in an orgy with the Malaysian Prime Minister
  4. been the side bitch
  5. streaked through a public place in broad daylight
  6. hooked up with a friends parent
  7. accidentally sent nudes to my parent instead of my intended recipient
  8. gotten pregnant on purpose
  9. modeled nude for my uncle’s photography startup
  10. slept with someone more than once
  11. slept with someone less than once
  12. hooked up with my parents friend
  13. shamelessly flirted with a professor to get an A in a class
  14. given in to my fantasy of having my significant other role playing my next door neighbor, Mrs. Shumacker, and me as a small 9 year old boy and giving me banana pudding and hard candies and then letting me brush her hair
  15. had “no kiss” sex
  16. slept with someone because of their huge social media following
  17. consummated someone else’s marriage
  18. woken up next to someone and not known their name
  19. had a devil’s threesome
  20. had period sex
  21. joined the mile high club
  22. hooked up with someone while they were at work
  23. lied to someone to get them into bed
  24. hooked up with someone and never told a soul because of the immense shame
  25. eaten the booty like groceries
  26. posted nudes to your snapchat story on accident
  27. posted nudes to your snapchat story on purpose
  28. signed up for a sugar daddy dating site
  29. slept with someone who could’ve joined the military when I was born
  30. fallen asleep mid sex #coitusinteruptus
  31. roll played as a cherished childhood cartoon character in the biblical sense
  32. faked an orgasm
  33. ‍pegged
  34. done the dirty at a sporting event
  35. gotten an STI other than HPV
  36. hooked up with someone from/while in another country
  37. gotten a genital piercing
  38. have someone stick their finger in my bellybutton for sexual pleasure
  39. given or received a foot job
  40. used a food item as a sexual object
  41. been fisted or fisted another
  42. receive an inappropriate text on your computer while you’re casting a presentation in front of your boss
  43. kissed someone of the same sex
  44. kissed someone of the opposite sex
  45. participated in a rainbow party
  46. been a peeping tom
  47. made love on a water bed
  48. performed autofellatio
  49. had sex in a body of water
  50. soaked

Drug & Alcohol Never Have I Ever Questions

Drinking Never Have I Ever Questions
  1. ‍been high around my grandma
  2. gotten too drunk and ruined a family vacation/wedding
  3. done mushrooms at a funeral
  4. gotten blackout drunk and fell down the stairs at an office Christmas party
  5. stolen from someone I knew well
  6. done drugs harder than meth
  7. been diagnosed with rampant alcoholism by a medical professional
  8. been an international drug smuggler
  9. dropped acid with the dean of my university
  10. taken a pill from a stranger without asking what it is
  11. partied with a celebrity
  12. blacked out before noon
  13. chased Plan B with a shot of tequila or other alcoholic beverage
  14. smoked weed or crack with my parents
  15. gotten addicted to something other than caffeine
  16. called in sick to work because I was too hungover
  17. hid drugs in my butt or coochie
  18. taken one shot too many, thrown up in my mouth, and then swallowed it so no one thinks I’m weak
  19. ruined a best man/maid of honor speech because I was too drunk
  20. butt chugged a fifth of Sailor Jerry
  21. ‍bought “whipped cream canisters” for something other than whipped cream
  22. boofed a friend or been boofed by someone else – if you have to ask, you can’t afford
  23. scraped a bowl for res and then smoke it
  24. taken psychedelics with my coworkers
  25. hotboxed my sibling’s room
  26. had a *white* Christmas
  27. gotten drunk off hand sanitizer and mouth wash
  28. done a strikeout
  29. robo tripped
  30. smoked a tea joint
  31. used the sun light a bowl
  32. smoked out of an apple
  33. overdosed on birth control pills
  34. taken a mystery drug cocktail
  35. smoked catnip
  36. taken so many edibles I felt like I was laying on death’s door step awaiting my entry
  37. smoked a pube joint
  38. snorted Adderall
  39. taken a suppository for fun
  40. purchased Beano, Gasx, or any other anti-farting drug because I’m a #gassygirl

Rule Breaker Never Have I Ever Questions

Illegal Never Have I Ever Questions
  1. been arrested and actually got convicted of a crime
  2. gotten into a fist fight
  3. smuggled fireworks across state lines
  4. stolen the declaration of independence
  5. stalked someone I had a crush on
  6. broken into a pool to go skinny dipping
  7. shoplifted for the rush
  8. googled myself to find out I’m a wanted criminal
  9. keyed a car or slashed its tires
  10. left someone/been left at the alter
  11. jumped off a bridge because my friend did it (I guess you were right, mom)
  12. drank the tears of my enemies
  13. sinned in church
  14. gotten kicked out of a bar/restaurant
  15. stolen money from your parents
  16. gotten into a bar with a fake ID
  17. cheated in a board game against a child
  18. ditched class for to get high
  19. gotten an OTPHJ in class
  20. tried luring children into my (please send your detailed story to ****)
  21. shat in a playground
  22. thrown grandpa’s war medals off the bridge
  23. smoked in school
  24. snuck into a concert
  25. crashed a wedding
  26. crashed my car
  27. peed on my old elementary school
  28. taught a kid how babies are made
  29. read the terms and conditions
  30. fully stopped at a stop sign when no one was around
  31. actually had my parents sign important documents
  32. said I had to go to a funeral so I could get out of jury duty
  33. cried to get out of a traffic ticket
  34. broke into a house of someone I didn’t know
  35. ‍been on death row
  36. stolen alcohol from my parents and replaced it with water so the liquid in the bottle stayed at the same level
  37. hit a child “on accident”
  38. gotten an MIP
  39. broken the confines of my restricted drivers license as a 16 year old
  40. lied to my children/other children that did not belong to me for no other reason than it being fun/funny

Gross Never Have I Ever Questions

Gross Never Have I Ever Questions
  1. shit my pants in my adult life
  2. made baked goods with laxatives cooked into them and given them to an office of people in a building with one toilet
  3. farted on a mall santa’s lap
  4. pooped my pants in the company of others
  5. eaten food out of a trash can
  6. used an alaskan pipeline
  7. given or received a Dirty Sanchez
  8. consumed one or more Brussel sprouts without having an aggressive fart session for the next 24 hours
  9. eaten a stick of chalk
  10. ‍poured ketchup all over my french fries
  11. licked a white dog turd
  12. sucked a toe
  13. peed my pants in public while sober
  14. claimed ownership of a fart in a public setting
  15. been to South Dakota
  16. clogged a friends toilet and then immediately left because of the clog
  17. used my hand as toilet paper
  18. eaten a friend’s scab
  19. had my stomach pumped
  20. made toilet wine
  21. gone bobbing for my iPhone in a toilet like it was an apple in a bucket of water at a kids carnival
  22. farted while 69ing
  23. waxed my significant others b-hole
  24. peed between a SO’s legs while they’re peeing
  25. received a golden shower
  26. given or received Arabian goggles
  27. made out with someone shortly after puking
  28. had a dog lick peanut butter off my nipples
  29. been the patient in a science experiment to connect the human digestive tract across three people in Germany
  30. performed beastiality
  31. drank my own urine
  32. drank my own ejaculate
  33. licked someone else’s eyeball
  34. gone over a week without showering just for the halibut
  35. ejaculated or urinated into a roommate’s shampoo or other bathroom essential
  36. caught or given someone else pink eye from a rimmy
  37. eaten bugs as a dare
  38. eaten bugs for fun
  39. exploded from both ends from Flaming Hot Cheetos specifically but continued to eat them because they’re Flaming Hot Cheetos and of course you did
  40. tried dog food/dog treats

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