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How to Play Beer Pong & Not Troll

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Your first time was probably in your parent’s garage, you didn’t know what you were doing, and chances are, it probably wasn’t that fun (we’re not talking about sex). Beer pong provides the opportunity to ignore the two percent of people you know at the party by waiting two hours to play a subpar drinking game.  A typical game will yield one beer over a span of 40 minutes, so this is best played with a beer in-hand. Get in line and start wettin’ your gullet with some liquid courage.


Beer Pong Materials
  • At least four 16 oz. beers
  • Regulation beer pong table: 8’x2’x33”
  • Two ping pong balls
  • 22 cups
  • Four consenting adult participants *this ain’t no swingers club though


On each side of the table, arrange ten plastic cups in a pyramid shape. Pour at least two beers into each grouping of cups (using four beers total). The two remaining cups will be used as water cups, for which you will use to wash your balls after they hit the floor.

Beer Pong Setup

How To Play 

The main objective of this game is to throw your ball into the cups across the table from you. When a ball is thrown into a cup, the opposing team will drink the cup and then takes said cup out of play. The first team to make their balls into all of their opponents’ cups wins.

To start the game: One player from each team will shoot “eye-to-eye”, which is basically just staring into eachother’s souls until one person makes it into a cup.

Making Multiple Cups at a time

If both teammates make balls into cups they will get “balls back”. If balls are made into the same cup, they will get balls back, the other team will drink three cups, and you and your partner act like it was planned despite the fact it was pure coincidence.

Bouncing & Swatting

If a ball is bounced into a cup, opponents will drink that cup, as well as an additional cup. Whenever a ball is bounced, opponents have the option to swat the ball away.

Fingering & Blowing

It’s simple: Guys can finger, girls can blow.

Guys Can Finger

Whenever a ball is rimming a cup, guys can ‘finger’ the ball out with their index finger or a shocker. If you don’t know what a shocker is, just go on Urban Dictionary.

Beer Pong Rules Finger Cups

Girls Can Blow

Blowing in this game is basically just trying to blow the ball out of the cup [while looking very pleased with yourself afterwards–see below].

Beer Pong Rules Blow Cups

Island Cup

Whenever there is an island cup you have the option to call out your shot. If called out shot is made, opposing team drinks two cups.

Beer Pong Island Cup

‘On Fire’

If a player makes two cups in a row, he/she announces they are “heating up”. If a third cup is made in a row, the player is then “on fire” and has the opportunity to shoot until he/she misses.


Each team gets one “re-rack” per game,  meaning you can reorganize your cups into any shape you want. The names of these patterns generally involve some reference of human genitalia.

Beer Pong Re-racks


A rebuttal is allowed because everyone deserves a second chance. If your opponent makes the last cup, you have a rebuttal. For every ball you make, you get balls back until you miss your cup, and officially lose the game.

House Rules

While there is an official list of rules in place, there always seems to be a set of  “house rules” , which usually change depending on how competitive the person running the table is.

Shinesty’s House Rules

1.) Don’t make a cup entire game= naked lap

2.) Spill a cup = shotgun a beer

3.) Throw ball into water cup = take a shot

4.) Throw ball into cup being drunken = game over

5.) Loser trolls the next game = sit under the table and tell riddles like a troll

Difficulty to explain while drunk

 I basically did this every weekend in college, and I dropped out, so it can’t be that hard.


This game can either get you tanked, or keep you sober; it depends on your opponents’ skill levels. Regardless, whenever there’s one cup left, it usually takes 20 minutes to make a ball into the last cup, meaning you’ll probably sober up by the end.


Prepare to spend your entire night on your hands and knees searching around a dirty floor for a ping pong ball under the legs of all of your peers only to try to throw those filth balls into cups you plan on drinking out of.

Beer Pong Searching For Balls

Pro-tips (or things you shouldn’t do…)

#1 If you say “Kobe” before shooting, there’s a 90% chance you will miss the cup and make yourself look like a fuggin’ clown.

#2 DO NOT let yourself have wondering eyes while crawling on the ground looking for balls. Ladies sometimes think you’re trying to look up their skirt…woof.

Game Variations

For those not feelin’ the classic game of beer pong, we’ve provided a couple of game variations.

Variation #1: Basically any other drinking game.

Variation #2: Civil War

This game is essentially the same as beer pong, but there are more players on each team, more cups, and you can shoot whenever you damn well please. This variation of beer pong will likely increase intoxication levels across the board, thus has the potential to be more fun than beer pong.



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