The Official King’s Cup Rules To Finally End The Debate

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King’s Cup, also commonly, and incorrectly, known as Ring of Fire or Waterfall, is a sure fire way to make sure your quiet night is a guaranteed shit show. If you’ve ever played, then you know that the first half of King’s Cup involves arguing over the rules of every card leaving at least 75% of the room angry and confused before the first card is ever flipped. So we’ve done the honors of creating the Official King’s Cup Rules To Save Friendships, Time, and Heart-Break™.


Kings Cup Ring of Fire Drinking Games Materials
  • Beer: Must be cans, must be cheap
  • Deck of cards
  • Friends
  • Players: 4 – 8 (or more, I don’t care how you live your life)


Everyone sits around the table, with an unopened beer in the middle. Place a deck of cards face down in a circle around the beer.

Each player draws a card from the pile in a circle, and everyone must abide by the rules of the card, and once the rule has been done, the player who picked the card slides it under the tab of the beer can. If your card pops the can, you have to drink the entire can then and there. Period.

Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules

I know what you’re thinking… What the hell are the rules of the cards? Calm down y’all, you’re about to get learnt.


  • This is the waterfall card, hence why some people call this game waterfall. Everyone starts drinking and has to keep drinking until the person next to them stops drinking starting with the card drawer, giving them all the power.


Ring Of Fire Drinking Games Rules Card 2
  • You. The person who drew the card chooses someone to drink.


  • Me. I drink. I being the person who drew the card.


  • Floor. Everyone touches the floor. Last person to get their hand down drinks up.


  • Guys. If you’ve got a twig and berries, drink your drink.


  • Chicks. All the ladies drink.


  • Heaven. Everyone points to the sky. The last one to point drinks.


  • Mate. Choose a drinking buddy, every time you have to drink, so does your buddy, for the rest of the game. This is where it gets good.


Waterfall Drinking Game Rules 9 is Rhyme
  • Rhyme. The player who pulled the card chooses a word and going around the circle, everyone must rhyme with that word until someone gets stumped. They drink and you make fun of them for not being able to rhyme with orange. What an idiot.


  • Categories. Card drawer chooses a category, let’s say car brands, and everyone in the circle must say a car brand until someone gets stumped. They drink and you make fun of them for not being cultured. What an idiot.


  • Never have I ever. Everyone puts up 3 fingers. Starting with the card drawer, go around the circle saying something you’ve never done (prude). If someone has done it, they put a finger down. First person to put all 3 fingers down drinks (and is also the most bad ass out of the group obviously, feel bad if you don’t drink).


  • Queen is for questions. The card drawer starts by asking a question to someone in the circle, and each player must answer with a question until someone responds with something other than a question. Do they drink?


Kings Cup Game King Rule
  • Make a rule. This rule lasts the entire game, and every time someone fails to abide, they drink. This could be no pointing for the rest of the game or no using names, but if you make your rule “the little green man” then you can burn in hell Satan.

*It should be noted that the rest of the internet thinks their version of this game is correct. But they’re wrong. So very wrong. Seriously, if you play this game with anything other than these rules I can guarantee you won’t get drunk, your friends will hate you, and your wife and kids will leave you for Gary from accounting, and he drives a 1997 Honda Accord so…

Difficulty to explain drunk:

How to Play Ring Of Fire Drinking Game Kings Cup
  • Complicated. I’d start sober, get a nice warm up in and get to it. Actually yeah just don’t try and explain this drunk. It took me like 15 minutes to write out those rules and I was stone cold sober (as far as my boss knows).


  • Very, very drunk. I only said “very” twice because I don’t know how else to put it. You’re gonna get plastered.

Alternative Rules:

  • If you do choose to (incorrectly) play this came with a cup in the middle instead of a beer can, the rules for drawing a king changes. For the first 3 kings drawn, the play who pulls it pours some of their drink into the “King’s Cup” in the center. The person to draw the fourth king has to drink the entire center cup, loses the game, and brings eternal shame to their family. What an idiot.

Stay Thirsty & Shine On


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