DIY Alcohol Hiding

Ultimate Guide To Smuggling Booze In Your Fanny

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neon fanny packs

Fanny packs weren’t just made for hiding illegal vices at festivals, county fairs and high school reunions. With some quick MacGyvering you can smuggle bagged booze too. Here are the steps.

1) Get Da Hooch

Fanny pack with money

2) Snippy Snip

Wold fanny packs

3) Stuff Hooch in Pouch

Alcohol in fanny pack

4) Slap the Shit out of that Fanny

All Together Now

It’s almost so easy you’d want to slap yourself for not thinking of it sooner. In case you’ve got the urge to make one now, here’s our assortment of  different fanny packs you can slice up.

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